Admission Requirements

All prospective residents will receive disclosure of Abridge Care Concepts Program Statement, information regarding anticipated fees and potential funding resources.  All prospective residents and their families will be offered a tour and counseling on living alternatives.

All persons admitted to Abridge Care Concepts as non-publicly funded residents must report a depletion of personal funds, in writing, 90 days prior to a transition to the Family Care Program.  Every resident is reassessed at this transition.  If residency is to be continued, a new admission agreement is reviewed and signed.  Residency is not guaranteed.  If accepted, residents will share rooms with compatible roommates.  This is defined in the admission agreement.  Refer questions to the Administrator. 

Those with financial concerns at the time of touring are encouraged to contact the Aging and Disability Resource Center and request a conference with the Family Care program.  Semi-private rooms (based on availability) are offered for those on the family care program (see admission agreement).  Room availability is at the discretion of the Administrator.

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